PERSONAL: Things That Make Me Happy #2

*relevant to number five, I adore Caroline’s style!

Number One: Baking | As you may have noticed, I try my best to do a weekly bake on my blog. Being someone who can’t really cook main meals, more due to not having the time or the place to do it (blame a slightly OCD mother who doesn’t like mess!), baking is the only thing I seem to be vaguely good at in the kitchen department. I may not be able to take photos like Olivia or Rocio (both their photograph and their blogs in general are dreamy!), but I’ll get there eventually. For now, I really enjoy seeing what I can come up with and sharing my bakes. Even though it’s totally adding inches to my thighs in the process!

Number Two: Finding Products That Work | As a beauty blogger, I test a whole load of products. Pretty much every week, something new is being slapped on my face. Some are amazing, some not so good, but I love the process of it all. The thing that I particularly enjoy is when you find a gem of a product. One that really helps clear your skin, or leaves your hair feeling like silk without weighing it down, or that lipstick that suits you to a T. Products I’ve added to the holy grail list recently are the CND Stickey Base Coat and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (originally mentioned in my haul post). It’s amazing to find a top and base coat combination that actually works, as someone who wears nail polish 24/7. It’s the little things, ey?

Number Three: Receiving Nice Comments | I may not reply to my comments, as I physically don’t have enough time, but I read every single one of them. My readers (hey, you) have always been lovely and I’ve actually received very little hate in the time I’ve been blogging (we’ll ignore GG, shall we?), but recently I’ve been getting some extra lovely comments and tweets and it’s made me feel so happy! I hugely appreciate all the kind words you leave for me and they truly make my day, so I want to dedicate this little space in my post to say thank you so much for reading and taking your time to say something. It means the world to me, it really does. I’ll stop being soppy now…

Number Four: Getting A Skincare Consultation | I know I mentioned skin (and its overall condition) in my last post, but recently I went for an actual skincare consultation and found it really helpful. She said my skin is in good condition and made me feel a lot more confident about it, which was lovely. As a beauty blogger, and someone who recommends skincare to others as part of it, I always feel like my skin should be perfect. But, she helped me think of it more as something to work on, rather than wishing I could make it immaculate overnight. I got a bunch of great tips and I’m gonna start using steam more often, so hopefully that’ll keep my skin clear and improve it over the next few weeks. Watch this space.

Number Five: A/W Style | It seems way too early to be chatting about winter style, but it’s my favourite clothing season (despite my love of shorts and not shivering). I always seem to enjoy style blogs more in A/W for some reason, especially Caroline’s (as pictures above). I’ve planned all the key pieces that I want this season, most of which are coats, from the perfect boyfriend fit black wool one, to the white/neutral belted number (much like this one from mango) and my never ending quest for the ideal camel coat. I’m also looking for a pair of real leather skinnies, a white or tan leather skirt, more striped things (naturally) and some tasseled loafrers similar to these Chloe ones but obviously a whole load cheaper. Plus a whole boat-load of black boots, as one can never have enough pairs. I can’t wait, it’s pathetic haha.

Tell me what’s made you happy this week in the comments! I’d love to hear.

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