PERSONAL: Things That Make Me Happy #4

I’m so determined to share these types of posts more often, as I’m quite a negative person so it’s nice to focus on the happier side of things. I’ve had some quite big changes in my life recently, so I’m gonna run through some of the things that have put a smile on my face over the past few weeks.

One: Liking My New Job | There’s always something intimidating about starting a new role. You know, the whole ‘what shall I wear?’, ‘will everyone think I’m weird because I’m really quiet?’ and ‘will I even know what the hell I’m doing?’. Luckily though, everything has been completely fine! I really like the role and everyone I work with is absolutely lovely, so I’m looking forward to getting properly stuck in.

Two: Finding A Flat | YAY! After moving out when I was 18, doing the student thing and moving back home again, I said I’d only remain there for a year… four years later and the comforts of home, while much appreciated, aren’t really helping me do the whole grown up thing. So, I went flat hunting the other day and the first one we saw was completely perfect! It has wood floors, big windows, white walls and is all open plan. I’m so excited!

Three: Homeware Hunting | With this comes homeware shopping! I have a little confession to make: I am home wear and interior design obsessed. Think I have been since I was a child. I’m not going to go overboard with this flat, as it is just rented until we get somewhere to buy later in the year, but filling it with pretty flowers (such as the ones my dad bought my mum above, aww) and books and cushions fills me with joy.

Four: Summer Wardobe Wishin’ | I’ve been having a serious think about what I want to wear this S/S, as I’ll mostly be taking that to the new place and less of my really heavy winter things. I’m quite pleased about this, as I’ll be able to wear much more of my wardrobe instead of being worried I’ll get cold travelling home for an hour and having to bundle up. I’m craving a lot of white and navy, with a few black, beige/neutral and blue shades thrown in. I want light and floaty, oversized shirts tucked into jeans, cross body bags and ripped denim.

Five: Working On My Cooking | This may seem like such a ridiculous thing, but I’m so excited to cook! Obviously I ate like a student when I moved out last time (think pasta and lots of it) but I’m determined to cook good, healthy meals. I know I can bake, but my mum (being the amazing cook she is) has always made my main meals so I’ve never really had a chance to practice that much at home. I’m looking forward to learning and hope I don’t kill my boyfriend in the process.

What’s made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments!

Helen x
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