PERSONAL: Things That Make Me Happy #4

marco polo newcastle review
marco polo newcastle review
marco polo newcastle review
marco polo newcastle review

It’s been over a month since I reflected on the good things, so I’ll keep this intro short and sweet and crack on with the things that’ve made me happy this week.

One: Eating Good Food | It’s no secret that I love food. I think about it pretty much every second of the day and there’s nothing that makes me happier. Since my boyfriend and I moved into the city centre, we’ve decided to visit a new (or old) restaurant every week, as there’s a lot of places we’ve wanted to try for months now.

The awesome Millenium hotel have put together a guide to Newcastle where myself and other bloggers review our top places and I picked Marco Polo, an amazing Italian restaurant. We used to go constantly so glad we had the excuse to go back! I picked my favourite king prawns with fregola, tomato and chilli and he had a fillet of beef with truffle cream, peppercorns and wild mushrooms, with spinach in garlic and homemade chips on the side. Afterwards we had the best chocolate cake in all the land. Seriously, I need the recipe as it’s my favourite thing in the world. So rich, but so so good.

Two: Planning Healthy Meals | Aside from my sneaky small bowls of crisps (and the above) I’ve been trying to eat a bit better recently. When I first started my job, I went through a phase of eating really badly and having at least one chocolate bar a day (plus Subway for lunch!) but I’m trying really hard to get back on the health wagon. We’ve decided to have around 2-3 vegetarian days a week and up the amount of vegetables we eat on a daily basis too. I’m back on my green smoothies again which helps as they have at least 2 portions in a day and are mostly veg, so it keeps the sugar down. I’m a bit addicted to the Good Food website now and made their chicken and avocado wraps last night – yum!

Three: Branching Out Into More Makeup | You’ll know from my beauty posts that I like to swap my makeup bag on a weekly basis, but this has made me inspired to try different looks and use more of my makeup. I’ve been trying to change my eye looks from taupes to golds to just putting a matte shade in the crease for depth, changing my blush from pinks to rose to peach and my lipstick changes on a daily basis anyway. I’ve been quite excited since my recent Space NK haul to make more of an effort with my makeup, so expect many related posts soon!

Four: Nice Scents | I know this sounds like a bit of a weird one, but nice scents and smells have been making me happy this week. Whether this is food (again, I’m obsessed) as I’m walking through China Town on my way home or trying out a new perfume or fresh washing, it’s all welcome this week. As for perfume, I’m obsessed with Tom Ford Velvet Orchid as always as it’s literally divine and, more recently, the classic Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Five: Planning New Things and Taking A Break | Knowing it’s ok to take a day off has also made me happy recently. I do blog every day and with working full time, sometimes it gets a bit much when I’m spending my entire weekends blogging and effectively working 7 days a week. I’ve realised my stats don’t really drop when I take a day off and, even if they did, it’s fine. Through taking a break, I’ve realised I feel a bit more inspired with blogging and I’m even planning a redesign (and potential move to wordpress!). More on that later no doubt…

What’s made you happy this week? Don’t forget you can win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer in my latest giveaway!

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