photo diary: marrakech, morocco

view from the side of our hotel where you can see the mountains, it may look quite bare but unless you’re in the city centre, everywhere looks like this.
one of the biggest mosques in marrakech and one of the streets in the souks.  they’re all pretty narrow and there’s always a cat (or three).

everyone has either a push bike or a motorbike, there’s hardly any traffic lights and you basically have to run over roads and hope for the best! it’s quite a risky business. 

market day in marrakech, more for the locals than tourists.

i loved all the rugs and blankets, i wanted to buy a throw but i doubt it would have fit in my suitcase!
generic moroccan spice picture (if you haven’t seen a billion of them already)

went to the mountains one day and had a traditional lunch in a little restaurant up a hill.

traditional moroccan houses in the mountain, they were freezing inside!
wanted to take a picture of every cat, they were all adorable (if not a little bit more scruffy than UK cats)
this was built to water all of the olive trees in the huge gardens, it’s full of carp fish too. 

 hiked part the way up a mountain to see some waterfalls. this was totally not on the tour guide list so i was absolutely unprepared/unfit/so glad i brought trainers!

walking down from a roof terrace, which is the only shot of an outfit! i know i’m supposed to be running a fashion blog here but my outfits weren’t very exciting! mostly just my navy zara coat, black wedge trainers and jeans!
oh and this is what they class as a bridge (this being one of the better ones, some were plain dangerous!)
so, i’m back from marrakech with a few snaps of what i got up to. we were only there for four nights, which i think is plenty of time to get a feel of the place. it’s one of those locations that, when you’ve been round once, you’ve seen it. it’s a beautiful place though, the people are friendly (and not as pushy as you’re lead to believe) and our hotel was beautiful. we were really terrible and only ate moroccan food twice as we just couldn’t get away with the taste! ended up eating pizza hut, dominos, chinese (which was so, so good) and a chicken burger with fries. they also have loads of french patisseries everywhere so i had something sweet with pretty much every meal. mmm! 
i only bought a bag (which i’m sure i’ll feature in an outfit post) and some beauty things. solid ambre perfume is absolute heaven! and of course i bought some proper moroccan hair oil too.
all in all, i had a lovely time and am very much looking forward to helsinki next july! i actually took my laptop with me but only managed to get some work done on the plane on the way home! such half-hearted uni dedication…
i’m looking forward to getting back into blogging after tuesday, as i have my presentation tomorrow which i am extremely nervous about, but i’m sure i’ll be fine. 

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