PR & Collaborations

I collaborate with brands and companies on an almost post-by-post basis, so this blog is very PR friendly – as they say. I’d absolutely love to hear from you so please do email me at:

[email protected]

Keep reading to find out more about the way I work and how I collaborate…

Why work with me? Aside from having years of experience collaborating with brands, working in PR/Marketing and seeing both sides of the spectrum, I just really enjoy working with companies to create unique and interesting content. Whether you’re after simple promotion, featuring an item in a post or running a giveaway, from a professional and trusted blogger with over 80k readers – I am more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Who have I collaborated with? I’ve worked with a whole hoard of brands over my 6+ years of blogging. From ASOS, New Look, Selfridges, J Brand and Barbour to Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Clarins and Clinique – I’ve worked with individual brands to large stockists to international companies. Similarly, I’ve also worked with smaller brands to help to give them a boost, so I’m really open to any kind of collaboration – just drop my an email!

Do I have anything to consider before agreeing to a collaboration? A collaboration must be mutually beneficial or I will be unable to fulfil the request. I’ve worked 30+ hours a week on this space on the internet for years now to build it into what it is today, so I am unable to offer what is essentially advertising for free. I fully support bloggers being paid or compensated in some way for the work they do, as blog posts can take hours of time and thought. Please respect that.

Do I have any restrictions? As long as your products or brand fits in with my blog, and it’s something I’m genuinely interested in, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I won’t review anything to do with smoking or health (in terms of pills or medication), as I am against promoting something I either disagree with or don’t know enough about. If you’re unsure, again, drop me an email and the worst I can say is no, right?

Do I feature paid collaborations, links or advertorials? I do from time to time take on paid work, as this helps me bring a better blog with more content to my readers. I am more than happy to feature your products or write about your brand, again, as long as it fits in with my blog. These collaborations will always be marked as such, as honesty is the best policy. Please email me with your budget and timescale and we can go from there!

Can you see my stats? Of course! You can find my general follow stats on my blog and across social platforms (excluding Google+ etc) at the bottom of this page in my footer. Otherwise, I’m more than happy to send you my Google analytics pageviews, just ask!

What timescales can I work with? I’m pretty easy going and hardworking at the same time. If you have a deadline on your end, let me know what it is and I’ll see if I can work with it. Typically, I take my blog photos once a week, sometimes more infrequently, so can’t always knock a post up ASAP. However, there is some flexibility within that and I can try to accommodate you.

As for reviews, I typically work to these timescales, though they can vary:
Fashion – 1-2 weeks: if you’ve sent me an item to feature in an outfit post, please allow this time for me to take photos as they’re photographer and weather dependant!
Beauty – 1-4 weeks: makeup items, haircare, bodycare, tools and electrical goods have a quicker turnaround and effects can be seen sooner. Skincare can take up to 4 weeks for a review, as I like to test items properly for any reactions.
Lifestyle – 1-4 weeks: this depends entirely on the item I’m reviewing, this includes restaurants/hotels too.

Want to know anything else? Get in touch! They always say Northerners are friendly…