Quick Bedroom Updates

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Some quick bedroom updates

You know when you need a bit of a refresh but you don't want to spend too much money by changing large items? That was my motivation behind swapping a few bits around in our bedroom. A new bed is very high on my wishlist, but Phil was adamant that we keep this one until the end of the year. So I started thinking of ways we could give the room a new-ish feel but keep the main features.

Yup, you guessed it - art work, bedding and trinkets. Small changes, but ones that give the room a new feel without costing the earth.




The previous art I had on the wall lasted a long time for someone who gets bored quite easily. It was mostly peach, red and warm tones which I love and I still have them, but I wanted something different in style. The colours are largely the same as they were, but with the addition of some blues and neutrals with a more modern feel.

Etsy is always my go-to when it comes to finding new artwork - especially when you can't get to any charity shops or carboot sales, thanks lockdown - and it didn't disappoint this time round.

Left to right we have a Jean Michel Basquiat print which came with the mount in the most perfect combination of colours. I have two more Jean Michel Basquiat's prints that are waiting to be framed and I urge you to read about his artwork here. Next to that, we have a David Hockney poster which ties in nicely to the other prints. They were both from the same seller - Inferno Images - who stock a great range of prints. Finally, I had to include something from Matisse which was very reasonably priced and a great quality print.

I opted for frames and mounts from eFrame who I've used a few times now, as they offer a great variety of frames and mount colours so you can really match your artwork.


I've had the La Redoute and AM.PM linen bedding for around 4-5 years now, as I first purchased it when we rented and then repurchased it for a bigger bed when we got our home. White has always been my go to colour, but recently I opted for the AM.PM Elina Linen Duvet Cover in White Foam along with the matching pillows as they're a much warmer alternative to stark-white. They're made from very soft pre-washed linen which only gets softer each time you wash them, so they're well worth the investment in my opinion. They're also pretty cat-claw-click resistant, which is a bonus for those of you who have furry friends with sharp talons.

I also picked up the pillows again in the shade China Blue to update the back pillows, as I always have them as a colour. Black, terracotta red and neutral linen are also in rotation. It's such an easy (and more cost-effective) way to include a colour in your bedding without committing to a duvet cover.



Trinkets and Decor

My favourite part of decorating a room has to be adding little details to pull the colours together. I love using items such as vases, books and plants to add interest and, if your house has a bit of a running colour scheme, you can swap these items between rooms as a free way of redecorating.

I'm also a big fan of buying vintage and pre-loved items, as you can usually get them pretty cheap. The checked vase is vintage from eBay and cost me around £18 I believe, and it is solely responsible for me wanting to add more blue into the room. It's so perfect! The small brown vase is also from eBay and cost around £4, so it was a reasonably priced addition to bring the neutral tones back to the shelf. Vases are my favourite thing to buy, so much so that I'm thinking of starting a little interiors shop next year to sell the best ones that I find!

Finding brass figurines is also one of my frequent searches on eBay or Etsy, which is where I got this one. It came in a pair and the other one is in my office, but it is very pretty and adds height to the space.

Books are an easy way to decorate too, as you can check what you already own, group the colours together and voile - excellent decoration. Similarly with plants, they're inexpensive and you can find good plant pots secondhand or from H&M home (like mine is) for example for a few quid.

So, what do you think of my updates?



*Contains affiliate links