rant/wants: skincare products

so, this blog post is going to start with a miniature rant about how thoroughly disappointed i am with skincare brand ‘origins’.
i said in a previous post that i had bought their ‘a perfect world’ moisturiser and got a sample of their cleanser and scrub from the same range. i was so happy using them, the scrub was lovely and the moisturiser made my skin hydrated and lovely… for about 5 days that is. after that it broke my skin out into horrible super dry, irritated, red, itchy patches. it was so embarrassing, as i had to go to university, and it took nearly two weeks for it to go away!
anyways, i emailed origins asking if i could return the product as i had spent a delightful £32.99 (!!!) on it and it took me over three weeks to actually get a decent response from them. i think that is absolutely disgusting and it’s only since i complained about it on twitter that i got a response at all!
they claimed my emails ‘must have got lost’ despite the fact that i was receiving generic ‘we’ve received your emails and one of our representatives will get back to you’ responses on several occasions. how annoying!
anyways, when i eventually got a response from a human being, they were incredibly unsympathetic and i found them to be quite rude. i was asked for the same information a few times and they wouldn’t just answer my simple request of ‘i have my receipt, can i take it back to the store and get a refund?’ instead, they sent me an extremely short email stating that they had sent me a cheque to cover the amount.
i received the cheque on friday and it is for £31, which is less than i would have got if i had taken the product back to the store for a refund. i barely received an apology from them and, therefore, won’t be buying anything from origins ever again! just like H&M online, bad customer service goes a long way and has more of an impact than good service!

anyways, i am now in need of a moisuriser that won’t break my skin out and preferably a new eye serum too. i also want to try some new hair products, while i’m at it. i have my eyes on the following:
well, the image was clear when i was putting it together but shows fuzzy on my blog, strange, click to make clearer. anyways, left to right: elizabeth arden prevage eye serum / dr hauschka normalizing day oil / bumble and bumble surf spray / bumble and bumble hair powder in brown / bumble and bumble thickening conditioner