Reasons to be Proud of Your Blog


I’ve been feeling a little bit down about my blog recently. Not due to not reaching any goals or feeling dissatisfied with how things are developing, but with myself and my creativity. I felt like I was taking photos and churning out posts with no real passion behind them. My beauty pictures especially just weren’t (and aren’t) where I want them to be and, as I was lacking on the outfit side of things, then this was more apparent to me as it was all I was posting. So, the other day I spend a good few hours reading some other blogs (posts on my favourite internet people coming up soon) trying to gain some inspiration, ideas for composition, picking up some tips and generally being impressed by how amazing some people are.

This got me thinking, despite being bored of my blog currently, that having a blog is a pretty darn impressive thing when you look at the work that goes into it. So, in an effort to cheer myself and possibly you up, here’s a little list of three main reasons why you should be proud of your blog.

One: It’s All On You | You’re the one who set it up, decided to create a name for yourself, decided on the content and started the whole thing. Taking that first step can be scary, but it’s amazing that you’ve decided to be such a wonderfully creative human and do this for yourself. Every time I read people blogs, I’m stunned by how unique people are in the way that they put posts together, the motivation they have even when they work full time elsewhere and the skill on display from beautiful photos to thoughtful and engaging articles.

Two: Dem Skills | I know I’ve learned so much since starting my blog almost four years ago and I bet you have to. It’s not just jotting down ideas or waffling on about a lipstick with no substance, it’s doing everything from photos to writing to promotion. You’re doing the job of a photographer, writer and marketing/PR professional all wrapped up into one, really. That’s pretty good going!

Three: Long Term Gain | My blog has helped me get not one, not two but three separate jobs. I knew how to market my blog and how to write (thanks life + journalism degree) so a job in PR and marketing was only natural. I’m very lucky that it’s helped and it’s great that blogging has become a job for so many people too. So, whether you’re writing your blog purely as a hobby or want to use it as a platform to get ahead, make sure you put it on your CV and tell people about it!

Why are you proud of your blog? Let me know in the comments.

Helen x
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