request: that google reader situation

i’m pretty sure i’ve read the words ‘google reader’ about a billion times today, but that does not stop me adding to this little choir. no sir-eee. i was going to word this like a charity appeal, ie. one little follow on bloglovin’ will stop this girl taking ridiculous photos like the ones above, but i wouldn’t want to rob you of the laughs it might have brought to your day.

so i will say this instead: if you don’t mind reading this little old blog o’mine, dodgy outfit photos where the paleness of my legs matches the white paint of my door included, then please follow me on bloglovin. gan on, i properly appreciate it (said in the strongest and most sincere of geordie accents).

if you know i read your blog, or would like me to as i do love a good new blog, then leave me a comment with your links and i’ll be aaaall over it.

thanks a lot you bloody lovely bunch.

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ps. check out emma’s beauty blog – glossy boutique!