review: dermalogica clean start kit

so a little while ago i posted about how i wanted to try some dermalogica items. if i had bought everything on the list it would have cost me a fortune, so i opted to try this little kit just to see if my skin liked dermalogica products.

i’ve been using these for about two weeks and all i can say is that i am impressed!

– the cleanser (far right, green writing) is a thick gel and you only need a tiny amount for it to lather up. it makes your skin feel unbelievably soft.

– the toner (yellow writing, 2nd right) i’m not sure what i can say about it as it is just a toner. but this one does make my skin feel very refreshed and cleaner when i use it

– the exfoliator (middle, blue writing) is very good. i’d say you’d only have to use it 2-3 times a week on combination skin as it is quite gritty. you can use it as a mask too if you leave it on for about 7 minutes. bonus

– spot clearing solution (second left, blue/purple writing) is really good to use at night if you want clearer skin in the morning, i love it. gets rid of any little breakouts you might have

– the moisturiser (far left) is excellent. i use welcome matte for my skin type but they also have brighten up for those with dry skin.

so, in conclusion i know it’s a lot of writing but i would definitely buy full size versions of all of these products. i definitely notice a difference when i don’t use them, my skin looks grubby and awful.

it’s in such a handy pouch aswell that it’s great for throwing it in your bag if you’re staying out or going to the gym

obviously, effects would depend on your skin type. but i would definitely recommend giving them a go. i got my kit on ebay for approximately £9 and you get a lot of product for your money