review: kiehl’s mango lipbalm

kiehl’s lipbalm: £9.50, available online and at your nearest kiehl’s counter
first impression
– nice smell, not too overpowering or too fake mango smelling
– consistency isn’t like other lipbalms, it’s so light and it creates a protective layer which is very smooth
– pricey compared to, for example, a tub of vaseline which is 99p

overall verdict
– i know i went on about it in this post, but this product really is fantastic!
– did not sting the lips, as i found with carmex/palmers cocoa butter (with the latter i had to wash it off asap as it was agony).
– it actually does its job, my lips felt soft and moisturised for hours, it really stays put well! unlike vaseline, which makes mine even drier!
– the tube is convenient to put in a small bag or keep in a pocket.
– i find it works best if you do a sugar scrub on your lips a few times a week just to keep them smooth (lush do fantastic ones, the bubblegum scent is yum. but you can always make your own at home).
– having well moisturised lips means you lipstick will stay in place longer, as you won’t need to draw the moisture from it by having dry lips.
– you only need a small amount, so a little goes a long way. which is good, as it is on the pricey side!
– for those who don’t like a mango scent, they also do vanilla, coconut, a unscented SPF20 one and even a tinted one which goes to your natural lip colour!

i would give this product a 10/10, as even taking into consideration the cost of a repurchase, it will last a long time and therefore justifiable. plus, no other product i’ve used has worked as well as this!