review: seche vite top and base coat

first impression
– strong smell, much stronger than my other nail polishes
– big bottles and wide application brush
– decent price, i bought both on ebay for approx £11

overall verdict
– excellent at keeping your nail polish in place. i applied mine on thursday (now 3 days ago) and they’ve only chipped on 2 nails by about 1mm, which is barely anything.
– the large bottles means that they will last a long time, especially as i have giant nails.
– creates a nice natural shine to the nails
– the base coat is formulated so that it does not yellow the natural nail, which is definitely something to think about if you wear nail polish all the time. you should always wear a base coat, which i learned the hard way and has resulted in my nails being stained, which i now have to wait to grow out.

i’d give both the base coat and the top coat 9/10, only because the smell is really strong and it’s best if you open a window while you’re using them!