Rose Tinted


Rose makeup is pretty much my favourite thing right now. From the colour to the fragrance, I cannot get enough of it! Today’s selection is influenced by this Spring-like shade and all of the rose makeup I’m currently a little bit obsessed with.

Let’s start with the prettiest of the bunch, the Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose. I swatched this pretty much every time I walked past the counter and I’m so happy it’s ended up in my collection. The Tom Ford lipsticks have such a gorgeous formula, last a good few hours and the colour selection is quite extensive too. The shade Indian Rose is a muted rosy hue but it has enough depth to make it quite a unique shade in my collection! I’m in love.

I’ve been getting into wearing lip liner a bit recently, so the MAC Lip Liner in Subculture has been a good pick underneath rose lipsticks. It’s a great nude shade which really emphasises any lipstick which is put on top of it – definitely a staple!

Also from MAC is one of my favourite blushes in my makeup drawer. The MAC Powder Blush in Desert Rose is, as you can imagine, a dusty pink which looks quite bright in the pan but can be blended out to give your cheeks a nice flush of muted rose-pink.


As for skincare, there’s three pinky products I’ve been loving recently and fit nicely within my theme. First is the Pixi Rose Oil Blend which I’ve been using with my moisturiser to give my skin an extra dose of hydration. I use about four drops of it with a cream or six drops if I’m using it alone which has been working very well so far!

Another range I’ve been loving is the DHC Beauty Lift collection, of which I have the DHC Beauty Lift Cream and the DHC Beauty Lift Lotion. The lotion acts like a toner and it’s one I’ve been obsessively using since it came through my mailbox. I place a small amount in the palm of my hand and smooth it onto my face after cleansing. It instantly makes my dry skin feel comfortable, more hydrated and smooth which is something I definitely need! The cream is a product I use mostly at night, though since increasing my Roacc dose I’ve been using it during the day too, but it really does help plump up skin! It’s a thick cream, but blends and sinks in well, giving my skin a much needed (and long lasting) moisture boost.


So they’re the rosy toned (in colour, essence or packaging) favourites of the moment. What’s yours?

Helen x
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