ROUND UP: My 2015 Resolutions

First of all: I hit 10k followers on bloglovin’ today so want to say a huge, massive thank you to everyone who reads as it’s made my year! Ok. Will resume with the post… Oh resolutions. I refused to do one of these posts last year, because I actually don’t like the idea of ‘New Year resolutions’ in terms of thinking that’s the only time to change your life. So, instead, I set myself some aims and a bit of focus for the year ahead instead of drastic alterations that I’m never going to keep up. I’ve split these into blogging and personal, as I think the two are very opposite, despite being intertwined on here!

Blogging //
One: Improve My Photography | A lot of you are really sweet about my photos and I love you all for it, but one thing I want to constantly develop over 2015 is my photography. I’m so, so glad I got a DSLR as it’s given me such a passion for it that I never had before and picking up both the 40mm and 50mm lens has improved my photos a lot already. I’m hoping to continue learning and messing on with my camera to see what I can come up with next year, and trying to be more creative (well, as creative as I can in a house with a patterned carpet) with my snaps!

Two: Try Harder | I’m very much a ‘that’ll do’ person when it comes to a lot of things and I desperately need to change it. I mean, I do like 90% of the content on here, but there’s posts I’ll sometimes put up that I’m not happy with but feel I have to publish them. So, one blogging resolution is to take more time over a post and only hit ‘publish’ if I’m 100% happy, as I think it’ll give me a better blogging experience and help me be more proud of my little space on the internet.

Three: Get Organised | Despite writing out blog ideas from September until Christmas, I’ve been doing everything very last minute over the past few months. I think it’s in my nature (years of writing essays the night before would prove this) but I really need to change it. I really want to do more with thelovecatsinc in the New Year, so being organised will be key to improving my content and overall blog.

Personal //
One: Learn To Take A Break | I really struggle with switching off. I’ve been meaning to get off my PC at 10pm and read a book in bed for about 4 months now. The book is there, under my pillow, but its pages remain untouched as I can’t physically drag myself away from a screen. I also have an xbox game that I got last Christmas that I’m yet to complete, and I’m the queen of blasting through a game in 2 days. Next year, I’m going to make a real effort to put my phone down and enjoy more things in real life, instead of being worried I’m missing a tweet.

Two: Eat Better Etc | I know everyone and their mothers makes this resolution, but I am going to try really hard. I went through a few weeks of green juice every morning and eating really well a while back, and I felt amazing for it, but I slipped off the health wagon and fell headfirst into my old snacking/takeaway life. I haven’t been able to shake it off, so I’m gonna sort out my diet, continue swimming every week and learn to cook more than just dessert!

Three: Accept When I’ve Done Well | I’m really terrible at the whole self-criticising thing and I never just appreciate achieving something at the time. I tend to be happy for five minutes and then move onto the next goal, never really taking in what I’ve done. So, I’m determined to make an effort to fully acknowledge my own achievements and celebrate the fact that I’ve done well.

Four: Spend A Bit More Time On Me | This might seem a bit self-indulgent, but I really want to spend some more time on me next year. I suppose it ties in with point two and eating better, but spending more time looking after myself is going to be a big thing for me in 2015. Everything down to putting more effort into my hair, upping my skincare routine, making sure my makeup brushes are always washed, doing things that make me happy (just for me) and generally contributing to my sense of wholeness are top of the list.

What are you wanting to achieve in 2015? I’d love to know your goals.

Helen x
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