roundup: my favourite beauty products of 2012 (plus my first ever youtube video)

hello! 2012 has went by rather quickly, hasn’t it? so, as this year has definitely been a beauty one for me purchase wise, i thought i’d do a roundup of my favourite products. it’ll consist of skincare, body products, hair and makeup with a bonus youtube video on the end.
yes, you heard me, a youtube video. it’s my first ever one so please be nice (or constructive, if you’re going to be critical). i know i have bunny teeth, don’t have a fantastic profile and my hair isn’t as volumised as i’d like, but if i can live with it, i’m sure you can too.
anyways, on with the post. first up is all things skin, body and hair:

antipodes divine face oil (here): a beautiful face oil if used either alone or with a moisturiser (see below), makes the skin so, so smooth and hydrated without being greasy.
alpha h liquid gold (here): this has completely transformed my skin and converted me to the world of chemical exfoliators. you have to use it yourself to really notice the change, but trust me it is fantastic.
liz earle cleanse and polish (here): the hype should definitely be believed and everyone should try this at least once. i will definitely be repurchasing ASAP as it is a beautiful cleanser.
REN AHA resurfacing concentrate (here): similar to liquid gold, but smells a whole lot nicer, definitely worth a try!
REN invisible pores detox mask (here): my favourite mask possibly of all time. i love clay based ones as they really make your skin look ridiculously clean. if it’s a little above your budget, you should also try lush’s catastrophe cosmetic fresh mask, which has an extremely similar effect (but leaves the skin a little drier)
hyrdaluron (here): works so well underneath your moisturiser to keep your skin, well, hydrated. i wouldn’t be without it now and you only use a teeny bit so the tube lasts for ages.
no 7 dry body oil (here): if you really love your moisturisers, you should give body oils a shot. not in a sleazy hey baby kinda way, but they really do leave your skin super smooth.
antipodes vanilla pod day cream (here): mixed with two drops of the oil (as above), it makes your skin looks so plumped in the morning. or, if you have really dry skin, you can use in the day time like you’re supposed to hah.
john frieda full repair hair masque (here): i have a full review here, but it’s a lovely cheap masque that doesn’t weigh hair down, but makes it look smooth and repaired.

next we have makeup. two of these are actually brand new to me, as i only got them for christmas, but it’s love so they had to be included. i actually missed out one product from the photo as i couldn’t fit it in! this was urban decay’s smoked palette which i mentioned in my christmas post, i adore it. anyways:

stila convertible colour blushes (here): oh, they’re like an addiction. i already have three on my purchase list for when my student loan comes in! they’re 100% worth getting and will last you ages.
korres lip butter (here): possibly my favourite lip balm of all time. so smooth, moisturising and smells so lovely.
nars sheer glow (here): a great medium coverage foundation which gives that much sought after ‘glowy’ finish, without making you look like a shiny mess.
vivienne westwood boudoir EDP (here): it’s really hard to describe a perfume, but i do adore this one. it smells so warm and has a lot of depth, if you get me. sample it in a store if you get the chance.
MAC lipstick in craving and russian red (here): i’m sure these are in everyone’s makeup collection but they really are great staples. a perfect blue-toned red and a warm berry, essential, really.

now, the ‘fun’ part, here’s my youtube video briefly explaining all of these products. click to see my strange accent rambling on about things!

please let me know what you think of it! oh, and like, comment and subscribe if you can too!

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