selection: zara sale

top row, l-r: red knee length coat (here) – £99.99 from £119.99 /  honey coloured coat (here) – £69.99 from £99.99 / leopard collar coat (here) – £49.99 from £69.99 / paisley dress (here) – £39.99 from £49.99
bottom row, l-r: pleated trousers (here) – £19.99 from £25.99 / floral blouse (here) – £19.99 from £25.99 / dark purple and brown blouse (here) – £22.99 from £29.99 / metal collar tip shirt (here) – £49.99 from £59.99

i’ve had a look through some of the sales, mainly topshop and urban outfitters and, luckily, there hasn’t been much i wanted. unfortunately, i decided to check zara today and i pretty much love everything!
i am especially obsessed with the above 8 selections. that floral blouse is perfectly celine and the two coats are amazing.
i don’t have any money to splash out on clothes until january when i go back to university so i might have to do a serious ebay hunt for all of these, as i strongly doubt they’ll be in the store.