SK-II: Face The Wild, Face The Camera with Chiara Ferragni | AD

I’ve got a bit of a different post for you today, but one that is quite fun and exciting. SK-II have teamed up with National Geographic and have sent four celebrities to the most harsh yet beautiful destinations on earth to put their skincare – especially their iconic SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – to the test.

One person I was particularly interested in is Chiara Ferragni, having followed her blogging journey since the old days (and I mean like, 2009) and she was sent to the Anzra Borrego Desert in America, which is one of the driest places over that side of the world. So, as you ca imagine, she’ll be battling dehydration, super dry conditions, the heat and more – will the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence help with this extreme weather?

If you don’t know anything about this product, it’s a solution that contains 90% Pitera™ which is made from amino acids, vitamins, organic acids and minerals that transform your skin. It focuses on firmness, texture, radiance, spot control and wrinkle resilience, as well as helping sooth skin surface concerns which as harsh UV and pollution. It also helps keep moisture in the skin, so really it does work to address so many issues!

After watching the video, I for one will be picking up the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as it sounds like the perfect solution to well, everything. I’m often stressed and don’t always get the right amount of sleep, so I think this would really brighten up and clear my skin so I can be happy when I look in the mirror as it’s been looking quite dull recently!

Make sure you check out Chiara’s journey in the campaign video – it’s genuinely really interesting and let me know if you’re going to pick up any SK-II products!

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