skincare: my favourite brightening products

hello! having dull skin is a major issue for me, so i’m always on the hunt for products that have a brightening effect for clearer, more even skin. using these alongside a clay based, decongesting mask works so well and makes skin look its best, which is great if you’re having a rubbish skin day (like me… most days).

i like to use a combination of cleansers, masks and treatments to really target this issue and make my skin look better than it probably is. first of all, using balance me cleanse and smooth face balm* helps to deep clean the skin, removing all makeup, dirt and grime from the day leaving it smooth, soft and feeling nicely hydrated. i’ve been really enjoying using it, as it also has a slightly exfoliating texture to it so helps reveal a brighter complexion.

if i’m treating my skin to a mask, i tend to go for either the nude miracle mask or the REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask*, as i think they do what they say on the tin. you only have to apply a thin layer of the nude mask for five minutes, so it’s great as a quick pick me up if you’re going somewhere or just having a dull skin day. the REN mask, to me, always makes skin look better the next day as the results aren’t so instantaneous as the nude mask. it has a thicker consistency but you don’t need much for it to do its thang and by morning you’ll have glowing, healthy looking skin.

everyone and their mother has heard of alpha h liquid gold, but it is a great little product so does deserve the recognition. it’s a overnight exfoliator that uses acids (don’t get too scared) to buff away dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover, so results in brighter skin. i find the liquid gold to be a bit more hardcore than REN resurfacing aha concentrate, which i think is a less harsh option and may be more suited to sensitive skin (the patch test is your friend, gurl). i love combining the REN treatment with a moisturiser, as i feel like i’m getting an extra skincare benefit to using it alone

other products to note | elemental herbology facial glow mask, balance me radiance mask and LUSH brazened honey

so there’s my favourite brightening products to help skin look more radiant and healthy. i do genuinely think using more overnight exfoliators, instead of physical ones, have vastly improved the look of my skin. they’re fantastic for fading blemish scars and really getting skin back on track again. so, i hope this post has been useful, as adding these products to my skincare routine has worked really well for me!

what do you use to help brighten your skin? any products i should try?

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