skincare: my favourite facial oils

hello! the concept of putting oil on my face is something i’ve only really adopted in the past nine months or so. as a combination skinned girl, using oil where i wanted oil to disappear didn’t quite appeal, but now it’s something i can’t live without. facial oils have genuinely helped my skin so much! my face is smoother, more hydrated and less congested when i use any of these lovely skin treats, so i’ll run through the ones i love the most…
for a serious dose of hydration, which will be great in winter, i opt for either REN rose moisture defence serum or antipodes divine face oil. despite being called a serum, the REN option definitely feels like an oil and leaves my skin without a dry patch in sight, plumping it up as it goes. antipodes divine face oil is so luxurious feeling and, when mixed half and half with their vanilla day cream, results in hydrated and fresher looking skin.
if my skin is feeling a little dull, or i’ve got some blemish marks i want to fade, i’ll use trilogy rosehip oil which has been doing the rounds in blog world. i wrote a full review here, but i do still rate it very highly and think it has improved the texture of my skin.
and finally, if my skin is having a moment and looking congested, i’ll reach for clarins lotus face treatment oil or balance me radiance face oil*. both work wonders to get the skin back on track (yes, oils do that. it’s weird and unexpected, i know) and help prevent blemishes from scarring!

so, that’s all of the oils that i use on rotation depending on what my skin needs. who knew oils could do so much? i have my eye on the nude progenius one, but need to summon the courage to part with the pennies.

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