skincare: my favourite serums

hello! serums have only become part of my skincare regime in the last six-eight months, which is probably rare as people seem to start using them so early. honestly, before reading beauty blogs, i barely knew what benefits serums had. i thought they were just expensive liquid in posh bottles that were more hype than anything else. it’s only after sampling a few, i’ve come to learn they’re really a necessity in my skincare routine!

daytime serums – though i do use them on an evening too | i always try to remember to use a serum underneath my daytime moisturiser, especially when my skin is feeling a little bit lacklustre. so, keeping my face bright and even is antipodes apostle skin brightening and tone correcting serum. it’s only a recent-ish acquisition, but i genuinely think it’s working to improve my skin tone and texture. if i need a glow to my complexion, but don’t have time for an oil to sink in, i’ll use nude advanced cellular renewal serum. you only need one drop of this for your whole face and it applies so nicely. REN hydra-calm youth defence serum is the one skincare item i’ll reach for if my skin is feeling a bit irritated or is breaking out. along with the rest of their hydra-calm range, it helps with blemishes and seems to calm down skin.

night time serum | if i’m not using an oil, but require a similar level of hydration, i’ll reach for kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate. it’s between an oil and a serum in consistency and feels like velvet on the skin. it really works to add moisture to the skin without overloading it or making it greasy, resulting in lovely skin come morning. similarly to the nude serum above, elemental herbology cell food serum* is one of my favourites for glowing skin. i was so impressed the first time i used it and it still has the same effect months down the line. it leaves the skin with such a radiant look! now, onto a cult classic, estee lauder advanced night repair. some people love it and others aren’t too fussed, but i feel like it does make a difference to my skin. i bought mine in duty free (with an extra 20% off, thank you jet2) but i think i’d pay full price for it in future. it’s one of those products that i can’t pinpoint its main benefit, it’s just a good all rounder. i wake up with clearer, brighter and perfectly hydrated skin, what more could you want?

what’s your favourite serum? any you think i should try?

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