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Hello! My skin has been looking a bit better recently and although I’ve put it down to having less dairy (I think milk is the evil culprit. I’ll miss cinnamon porridge and Oreo milkshakes. I really will), my skincare has definitely been helping too. My routine has had a few new products added to it since I took these photos, but I’m still pretty much using these as my base skincare at least 4-5 times a week!
On a morning I tend to stick to lighter products that will give my skin a boost, instead of being heavy like some nighttime treatments can be. First of all, I’ll wash my face with SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser* which reminds me a lot of the NUDE Purify Cleansing Wash in texture. It’s light, a little bit foamy but leaves skin feeling fresh and soft. Stings your eyes like no-ones business, but it does say to avoid that area!
After cleansing, I’ll tone my skin with Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner (originally reviewed here) which is refreshing and makes skin a bit brighter. Finding an eye cream is always a hard task for me with having such rubbish dark circles, but HealGel Eye* has been doing pretty darn well. I actually noticed a difference after about a week, which is pretty impressive for an eye cream! My eye area is much better and makeup has been applying smoother too.
My daytime serum of choice has been the REN Hyrda-Calm Youth Defense Serum given that my skin has been breaking out. I think this serum really works to calm skin down and helps a lot with blemishes! I adore REN so I’m really not surprised it works well for my skin.
Another brand I know I can trust is Balance Me and their Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream* has been helping my skin feel less dehydrated. As I have combination skin and the weather has been getting cooler, it’s been leaning more on the dry side (especially on my forehead/between my brows), so this wonderful moisturiser has been taking care of that!
Finally, before I leave the house, I’ll spritz on a bit of the new NSPA Orient EDT*. It’s one of three new fragrances by the brand, which is sold in ASDA, and smells deep and well… oriental, if that makes any sense. It lasts a pretty decent time too, which isn’t bad for an EDT, and is only £8. Bargain.

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So, that’s my current morning routine. I’ll update it with the extra things I’ve been using, as Kiehl’s, Origins and Apivita have been helping no end, in a new post when I’ve finished testing them out properly.

What products do you love on a morning? Any you’d recommend for combination skin?

Also, have any of you had a dairy issue when it comes to skin? Please let me know!

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