Skincare Project: Tata Harper


Welcome to a new project on this little blog here. I’m going to be using one line of skincare, from one brand, for a whole month and recording my results. Seems simple enough huh? This month it’s the wonderful Tata Harper (available at Cult Beauty) and, if the start of this sentence is anything to go by, then you’ll know this is gonna be a positive trial run.

Starting with the cleanser, the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser is one I was addicted to after one use. Not only does it smell amazing, like a luxe spa, but it’s just a pleasure to use. If you take about three pumps of the cleanser, massage it into skin for one minute, it literally melts into the most gorgeous balm/oil combo. It feels quite thick when first applied, but works so well at removing everything. I’ve tested this as both a first and second cleanse and it works perfectly for both, however because I’d rather apply this directly to skin as opposed to using it as a makeup remover, so tend to use it as a second cleanser. I feel like this product really cleanses skin well, leaving it soft, glowing (as it uses fruit enzymes to help buff away dead skin cells) and hydrated. It’s an absolutely gorgeous product!

Next is a treatment which I’ve been using after cleansing and before moisturising. The Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex contains vitamins A through E, rose geranium, calendula, jojoba… the list goes on and on. Basically, it’s some sort of super potion for skin and does everything from improving tone, hydrating your complexion and helping with blemishes. Have I mentioned it also comes in a rollerball? It’s literally my favourite thing ever – lazy skincare at its best. When I use this, my skin feels nourished and restored, definitely one to use throughout Winter to keep skin in tip top condition.

Finally, the Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturiser was my pick out of their wonderful collection. It uses a combination of hydrating and plumping ingredients to revitalise your hydration levels and works as a perfect base for makeup, too. As my skin is combination, this works well at balancing my confused visage, lightly buffing it to make it super smooth and . It has the same natural scent that the above two products have, but I absolutely love that about the skincare range! This is such a great staple moisturiser and my skin genuinely feels so much healthier when I use it!

Has it improved my skin? In a nutshell, yes. Although I still have blemishes and probably always will, the difference comes in the overall condition of my skin. It’s plump, hydrated and looks more radiant since using these products. I’ve noticed that my makeup applies more smoothly and since my skin is more hydrated, it stays for longer too as it isn’t absorbing liquid out of my foundation. Overall, I’m really impressed as this is my first introduction to the brand!

Have you tried any Tata Harper products? By the way, check out my brand new beauty blog sale.

Helen x
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