Spring Style Wishlist

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Spring! I cannot wait for those days where you don't need to wear a thick coat

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe and what I'm looking for this Spring, so thought I would jot it all down in a post. Buying items pre-loved, vintage or from more sustainable brands is important to me this year, so this post may contain new items but they're there for inspiration. It's just that type of item I'm looking for!


Pale Yellow Jumper

I've been on the hunt for a yellow jumper since last Spring, but never quite found the perfect one then. This year I've got my eye on this one from A Day's March which I may be tempted by if I can't find one pre-loved.

Cable Knit Jumper

I've always seen cable knits as strictly A/W, but there's something about an oversized knit, jeans and little flats that feels very Spring to me. I love this vintage one, so may snap it up before someone else does!

Backless Flats

I tried these Toteme ones, but unfortunately they were small and then the style disappeared from the site, so I've been searching for alternatives (in either black or neutral) ever since. I love the classic Manolo Blahnik Ballerimu flats, so will be keeping an eye out on Vestiaire for them once I work out sizing. I also love the Manolo Blahnik Maysale 50mm Pumps too.

Light Wash Jeans

Something I've been looking for for years! The perfect light, vintage, bleachy wash which you can only usually find in actual vintage jeans. Agolde seem to have it nailed with these Agolde Pinch Jeans. I have the dark wash of these and the fit is superior!

Camel or Beige Blazer

I'm pretty sure this was on my Autumn wishlist too, but finding the perfect one is apparently a very long process. I tried and returned The Frankie Shop Bea Blazer, as the fit just wasn't quite right for me. So, I'll be scouring eBay and charity shops until I find the one.

Beige Suede Birkenstock Boston Mules

Already picked these up, but I had been on the lookout for the beige colourway for months as they seemed to disappear from the planet. I did like the taupe ones, but I wanted the warmer tone for Spring. I found the Birkenstock Boston's in stock here. If you want the same colourway, keep an eye out for the buckle as it will be in the same tone as the shoe!

Denim Oversized Shirt

Another item I've already snapped up, but I was inspired to get it from this photo of Jessica on Instagram. I actually got the same ASOS shirt, but (brand new) pre-loved from eBay by someone who bought it and never wore it, so it's worth looking out on there for new fast fashion. It's called the ASOS Original Denim Shirt if ya fancy lookin' for it and it fits oversized.

Button Up Cotton Top

This top from Ninety Percent has been living in my head rent free for a while now. I think I'd get a lot of use out of both the black and the white, so I may need to pick up both (which isn't something I say very often!). I'll be waiting for a restock.

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