street style editorial

i have to finish and hand in my street style spread for my fashion module tomorrow.
i have selected 6 images which i think represent ‘student style’, as much as i despise that phrase as it doesn’t really mean anything, i had to do it.
it has to be done on indesign aswell. if you’ve ever worked on it you’ll know it’s a pain to begin with and especially to someone who does not own a MAC. as beautiful as they are, they still confuse me on even some of the most basic functions.
i hope they’re ok, i tried to go more for the vintage style as that’s what interests me more than just jeans and a tshirt.
i would post them onto here but a) they’re not that good and b) i’m still editing them to make them look less done by someone who barely knows how to hold a camera.

think i need to give up, go to sleep and work on it tomorrow at university