STYLE: The All Black Look

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Black has been transformed in recent years. Instead of being just that gothic trend and one reserved for Halloween, it is now super chic. The all-black look has to be one of my favourites. Head to toe in one tone can really make that high fashion impact, especially if you’re stumped on what do.

Accessories wise, the chic all-black look calls for equally chic accessories. For example, a classic watch is essential. Whether yours is silver or gold, this should be your first accessory on and you can team and blend your other accessories around it. Simple! If you’re looking for a new watch, there are some amazing tips below, but I love discovering the second hand items others carelessly dismissed. Antique stores, markets and resellers such as Watches of Switzerland are the perfect starting point.

In terms of the all-black look, it really is taking off and it’s so easy to achieve. The beautiful Lykke Li has launched her own all-black fashion line and it is seriously good. This is a minimalist style, as you can imagine, so you can go two ways with the accessories; OTT, big and bold or just as minimal as the outfit itself and here’s how:

The watch // So as mentioned above, the watch gives you a starting point to focus the whole look around. Amazing elaborate designs (like the kinetic designs where you can see all the clogs turning) can be teamed with subtle bangles suiting that same colour of the face along with a long pendant to finish it all off. With the whole black look, one or two amazingly elaborate pieces really pop and make your outfit look even more expensive and stylish than it did before. Check out this absolute beaut from Roger Dubuis. It might be a man’s watch, but timepieces look great when they’re chunky too.

This might not be your style, in which case the unstated approach works surprisingly well too. My simple black watch in The Fringe Cardigan post a couple of days back is so clean and this perfectly complement the all-black look. Simple styles also have that androgynous feel, especially if you team your simplistic watch with minimal accessories and some sleek loafers.

The handbag and shoes // Usually you can experiment with the handbag and shoes combo, but when achieving the all-black look, you need to be matching. It can be so hard to combine the exact same hue so I tend to buy the bag and shoes at or near the same time (and of course, it’s a more than valid excuse to shop more). Whatever colour you decide, it will make your outfit pop. I love the classic red but a cobalt blue or emerald green also looks amazing. Emerald green especially looks so rich, and team with chunky gold jewellery, you can nail the street style look too.

In terms of trends, loafers are big again this year especially with fringing; the perfect worker-bee day look. To dress up, the simple pointed court goes a long way. With the all-black style, your footwear can be as subdued as the rest of your outfit. Don’t feel the need to invest in eccentric accessories because the clothing is so minimal. Less is more!

The winter woollies // We’re still in the midst of an Indian summer, and it certainly is warmer than usual. It’s strange to think Christmas is just around the corner and we still don’t need our thick coats. However, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your amazing woolly cardigan collection! And invest in a few more too…

As well as bright bags and shoes , you can just opt for your trusty black satchel. If this is the case, add a burst of colour through the cardy. Any bright colour will complete the look. In terms of the winter woollies, I would opt for a grey or white to give that minimalist androgynous style. Keeping a muted palette is often a stronger statement.

What do you think of the all black style? And do you have tips for styling this amazing trend? Let me know!

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