STYLE: Inspiration #2 | Denim

It’s no secret that I love denim. Whether it’s jeans or skirts or jackets, just give me it all. You can throw some chambray or anything that looks like it too as it’s close enough, right? I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with Pinterest, so have created a board with my favourite Spring/Summer style inspiration and, low and behold, I noticed that pretty much every look contained some sort of denim item.

So, on my wishlist this S/S | The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans: I need to hunt some down. Not only are they incredibly slimming, but they look perfect with heels or flats and pretty much any outfit that you’d wear with skinnies. I really need to find a pair with just the right amount of rips, the perfect bagginess and in the right wash, which is proving harder than it seems!

The white skinnies: Now, I already have a pair but they’re looking a bit past their best so I’m on the look out for a new pair of snow white, leg hugging, ankle grazing beauties. They just look so nice on and anyone who’s scared of white denim should definitely give it a try!

Some black flares: I have my dark blue denim ones, but black just seems so good with a leather jacket! I’m after a pair that are skinny and just flare out at mid-shin level, which will probably be a challenge in itself! If you see any, gimme a shout!

Plenty of rips: I don’t mean rips all the way down as I find them super tacky and a bit Christina Aguilera from back in the day, but those busted knee beauties. I’m yet to buy a pair as the trend totally passed me by when it was all the rage last year! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see if any of my favourite denim brands have some on sale!

Helen x
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