STYLE: Lyst | Your World of Fashion

Guys I have a new love and its name is Lyst. Now, you may have heard of it before but I’ve recently became rather addicted to the pages of fashion inspiration. Lyst is a little bit different to your average Pinterest style get-up, as it focuses really well on trends, key pieces and individual style, plus it allows you to shop directly from the item page – so no frantically googling trying to find out where something is from!

To put it in simple terms, Lyst allows you to search for anything you like (or scroll through their pages of inspiration, or by store) and you can add that item to your Lyst, of which you can create as many as you like (Christmas wishlist, anyone?). So if you’re searching for the perfect black bag, you can add a whole bunch of them to your Lyst and compare which one you want to get. Then, once you’ve decided, it gives you the option to go straight to the product page. Handy, huh?

Alternatively, you can just collate everything together into a big board of inspiration like I have. You can find mine here, but be warned it’s mostly black, grey or blue items which is just standard me, really. I find it really handy to get some style inspiration, as I’v been lacking in that recently, and it gives you great ideas for putting outfits together too once you get a good roundup of products going.

What I also like about Lyst is that they have a huge range of things on offer, from high street to high end totalling over 9k brands, so you’ve got lots to pick from! They have everything from Michael Kors bags to Acne knitwear to Dune boots and even things from ASOS. If something you’ve added to your Lyst goes out of stock, comes back in or goes on sale, it’ll send you a notification too.

It’s a really great site for those who love finding lustworthy items online like me, as I am a well seasoned online window shopper. It’s just really handy to bookmark everything in one place and be able to shop from there too, instead of forgetting where you found an item!

Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my new addiction! Let me know if you decide to make one yourself.

Helen x
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