STYLE: Myleene Klass for Littlewoods

I talk about clothes a lot on this blog, but one thing I don’t discuss as often as I like is good ol’ underwear. A daily necessity that often gets neglected in the fashion blogging world. I adore it though, I have drawers (there’s a pun in there somewhere) full of the stuff, the more matching set the better. That’s why I always pay attention when a brand brings out a new line or collaboration, and the new Myleene Klass collection for Littlewoods caught my eye.

Although I’m not a huge celebrity collaboration fan, I can’t deny how pretty this collection is. Myleene looks gorgeous in the photos and the underwear itself is seriously beautiful. The black set has been designed so well and I love the shape of it, it’s a bit different from your standard black undies which makes it much more special (I think!). I also love the shade of the orange/red lace, as it’s so vibrant without being tacky, as red sometimes can be, and the bra is such a chic shape.

All in all, it’s a really solid collection. Myleene looks confident in the photo, instead of being overly sexy which I really love too. They’ve even done leopard print well, which is sometimes hard to do without getting all Pat Butcher about it. I’ll definitely be checking out the range online and picking up a few bits for myself! The range covers 32b-40e and sized 8-18 and prices range from £13-£35, which I don’t think is bad at all. Nice one, Littlewoods.

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