STYLE: Red Lomond

You may have seen Red Lomond featured as one of my advertisers in the past, but I thought it was about time they had their own little space on my blog.

Red Lomond, an online women’s fashion store, has an amazing range of styles suited to every taste. Focusing on dresses for all occasions, from your night out to your wedding guest look, there’s something for all of your needs. They’re dedicated to keeping prices reasonable too, so you know you’re getting good quality but not having to remortgage your house in the process!

I picked a few dresses above to showcase my favourites. I adore the blue lace detail on the one at the top, as the brighter shade really makes it stand out, yet the cut is really flattering! I also love the bright patterned bandeau dress, as I think it would be great on a night out with some cute heels.

I really like their most recent photography too, which you can see above, as it makes the dresses look so pretty and it’s always great to see them on a person!

If you’re after a dress for a special, or just want one to feel fierce errday *snaps*, then definitely check out Red Lomond and what they have to offer! You can get 20% off with code ‘Loveredlomond’ too.

Helen x
ps. Check out the lovely Chloe Witty’s blog!