STYLE: Trends For 2015

I’m totally feelin’ Elizabeth & James Pre Spring/Summer 2015 – it’s everything I want to wear!

Now that the days are finally getting lighter, we can all start to look forward to a great new season of fashions for the New Year. Whereas 2014 was dominated by crop tops, chunky shoes and the 90s grunge revival, 2015 will hopefully see things getting a little more glamorous. So here are a few trends to look out for this year.

Feathers for all | Whilst retaining popular themes of nature, there does seem to be evidence that fashion gurus are advocating a glamorous twist with the introduction of feathers on many designs. Whether this will herald yet another homage to the glam-rock era remains to be seen. But it seems likely that 2015 will see jackets with feathered ruffs, beautiful plumed dresses and a whole host of peacock-inspired evening wear.

Polo chic | Although 2014 was flooded with an array of crop tops, 2015 looks to be the year that polo chic will dominate. Hugo Boss and J. Crew have already introduced some great new collections that feature button-up polo shirts that subvert a preppy cool with some imaginative and modernist stylings. This is a look that would work really well at the nation’s upcoming race meetings where celebrities often use events such as the Cheltenham festival to flaunt the latest styles and check out the latest tips on the racing activity.

Going transparent | Fashion likes to work in opposites. So whilst there may be trends that favour the iconic polo shirt, there is also the rise of a much more ethereal and enigmatic use of transparent fabrics. The fully transparent pleated skirt as designed by Barbara Casasola caught the imagination of many recently, with its sexy yet understated aura perfectly designed for the warmer seasons.

The return of gingham | And it’s also nice to see the return of a familiar favourite, as gingham looks to be making a big comeback in 2015. Whilst this traditional plaid fabric may conjure up feelings of relaxed picnics, it’s being adapted for the new season in a variety of surprising fashions.So expect lots gingham slips with plunging necklines and sharp cutaways that will favour more electrics blues and blacks than the traditionally cute gingham red.

Suede | And finally, suede – that staple of the seventies era – is also looking to be reintroduced to the fashion world this season. Whereas last year saw biker jackets everywhere, this year suede is being used to a much softer effect with rich shades of sandy yellows and lush greens dominating.

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