STYLE: The WeStyle App

Just a quick post from me today, as I’m sharing my latest App discovery: WeStyle. For all of you that love sharing your outfits, or want an opinion on something you’re trying on in the fitting room, you can snap it and share it with the community and get instant opinions. Think instagram, but entirely style based!

You can also browse (as you can see on the screen above) everyone else’s style for inspiration or to share the love! I’ve found lots of style I want to steal, so it’s worth a browse if you’re stuck in a style rut. There’s several sections from ‘discovery’ where you can look through, your homepage which has the looks from everyone you follow, your notifications to see what people have to say and your profile. The part where you take your snaps is really cool too, as you can pick different layouts, from one main outfit to two side by side or four squares. There’s plenty to pick from and ideal if you can’t decide what to wear and want some opinions on it!

I’ll be sharing my style on there soon (when I don’t have a cold and am permanently in my pj’s!) so feel free to follow me at ‘thelovecatsinc’! You can download the WeStyle app for free in the App store, build your profile and start sharing your style! It’s a really lovely app, so make sure you get it!

Helen x
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