Summer Beauty Confidence


I love feeling confident with myself in Summer (and I don't mean the dreaded 'bikini body') and using beauty products that make me feel good. In today's post, I'm working with Sure Maximum Protection Confidence to showcase the powerful and long-lasting beauty bits that help me boss the day.

C O N F I D E N C E | As mentioned, confidence is key to me looking and feeling good. Sure Maximum Protection Confidence (RRP £5.69*) says it all in its name. It is the most powerful 48hr sweat protection from Sure, which smells like a dream and leaves you feeling fresh all day long! It really is a beauty must-have with its light scent of apple, rose and jasmine, which are some of my favourites. This anti-perspirant gives me the confidence to wear those summer dresses and grey tees that I adore.

R E D | I'm a bit obsessed with the colour red in my wardrobe this Summer, but I have had a long standing affair with the tone in my beauty collection. Red lipstick (MAC Red or something YSL) and nail polish (Essie Jump in your Jumpsuit) makes me feel like I get through anything and I often slap on the boldest red I have when I'm going into a new situation!

B R O N Z E | In Summer, having a bit of a glow is important to me. I love scrubbing my skin smooth, putting on a bit of fake tan and wearing my favourite bronzer (YSL Saharienne Bronzer) to really warm up my complexion.

S U B T L E | I love focusing on my skin and lips more in Summer with maybe a hint of mascara, so applying a wash of metallic colour to the lids and a dot of blush is sometimes all I want to wear to feel confident. I love using my Tarte Tartlette in Bloom Palette and the Stila Convertible Colour in Rose as they're the perfect shades!

What beauty products do you love using to give you confidence? 
Helen x


*pricing is set at the sole discretion of the retailer

This post is a collaboration with Sure