summer skin: the essentials

hello! as the weather is starting to become warm – eventually, right? RIGHT? – these are the products that have taken prominent place in my shower and bathroom cabinet. in summer, my main aims are to smooth, protect and hydrate so i use a mixture of these elements to keep my face and body in check…

face | your skin needs protecting in summer as much as it does in winter, just in other ways. i tend to mix up my skincare and focus on lighter products that still pack a metaphorical punch.

NUDE purify cleansing wash here | as i tend to leave balms to taking off my makeup at night, on a morning i opt for this light cleanser to refresh my skin. it removes any sweat and shedding – ew i know – that may have built up on your skin overnight and leaves skin soft without feeling stripped. don’t put it near your eyes though, it stings like nothing on this planet.

REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask* here | to keep skin smooth, an exfoliating mask is a must to me. chemical and fruit based peels work and feel better on my skin than a physical scrub, which can sometimes be a bit gritty and distress skin. REN’s glycolactic mask only takes a few minutes to buff away dead skin cells to reveal smooth and glowing skin.

elemental herbology facial detox mask* here | along with using the above mask, i also use a clay-based one to decongest skin, as that’s one of my main skin issues. through using SPF, wearing makeup and warm outside, sometimes my skin feels like it needs a deeper cleanse and this mask does just the trick.

elemental herbology perfect balance harmonising facial moisturiser SPF12* here | i do have a separate SPF but i am terribly forgetful, so remembering to put this moisturiser on in the morning feels like i’m doing two steps at once. i love how light this moisturiser feels on the skin and it doesn’t clog pores – awesome all round.

REN rose O12 moisture defense serum here | ‘really? an ultra-hydrating oil in summer?’ i hear you say (or not), but if i’ve learned anything from getting into skincare over the last year it’s that you need to hydrate your skin no matter what the weather. using facials oils have helped my skin no end and i feel like oil combats oily skin, so my skin looks better overall!

body | in my skincare drawer i’m never short of exfoliating and moisturising products. my addiction to those scrubby gloves is beyond ridiculous and there’s always at least two extras stashed away (£1 from primark, you can’t go wrong). i always make sure to keep my skin buffed and moisturised as smooth skin is the thing i aim for the most.

soap and glory the breakfast scrub here | yes, S&G are very much raved about in blog world and i’m sure you’ve read umpteen reviews of this product, but it’s so lovely! it smells like a honey, cinnamon, oaty tub of goodness which is good enough to eat (don’t though, obviously) and leaves skin so soft, smooth and doesn’t feel scratchy when you use it.

no.7 pampering dry oil body spray here | in summer i tend to move away from the heavy moisturisers that are slathered on in winter and opt for lighter sprays. this body oil from no.7 sinks in quickly yet fully hydrates skin and leaves behind a lovely scent too. so, if you’re prone to skipping post-shower hydrating due to products taking too long to sink in, then this is for you.

i’ve also been loving palmers cocoa butter tanning moisturiser, but feel like i’m too much of a tanning newbie to be able to preach about it as i’ve never used another tan!

veet easywax electrical roll-on kit* and precision facial wax kit* | now, we’re all aware subjects like body hair aren’t the most glamorous to discuss, but it’s a thing that most of us have to deal with. now, i personally have nothing against those who choose to stay au naturel, but that just ain’t my bag. nothing feels nicer than smooth pins to the point that i would be happy to hunt out the best laser hair removal to get rid permanently. for now, i’m happy to try this little kit from veet!
they sent these over as part of their ‘ready to glow’ campaign along with some lovely sunglasses, flipflops, a topshop dress and a little camera. so thanks to veet for that!

so that’s all the products that i’ll be using over summer! what are you skincare essentials?

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