The 3 Products I Use To Reduce Frizz


I don't know what it is about my hair recently, but it's been so. damn. frizzy. No matter what I did to it, it would puff up and stick out on one side and look positively horrible. So, after having a little look at my haircare collection and vowing to make an effort to reduce the finger-stuck-in-a-socket vibes, I thought I would share the wisdom lol attempted wisdom and the products that have been keeping my frizzy locks a little more at bay.


1. Use A Regular Hair Mask

Olaplex is a frizzy-haired-girls (or guys) friend. Don't get me wrong, I've been a long term fan of that little bottle of wonder, but only recently have I come to realise its true smoothing power. Leaving this on for 20 minutes or so before you wash your hair or overnight for a more intense treatment works wonders at making your hair sleek without weighing it down. It's great.

2. Blow Dry It Down

If you're one of those people who hates to put any effort into drying their hair, then, well, I hear ya. However, I'm trying to take a less haphazard approach when blasting my locks and am at least trying to use a Wet Brush at the same time to make everything a bit smoother. I'm not talking professional blow dry over here, just putting a brush underneath and drying it in a downward position to keep the frizz at bay.

3. Use Smoothing Product

I've talked about my love for Davines before, but their styling and treatment products really are fantastic. Using 3 spritzes of the Davines Oi All In One Milk along with a lil dollop of the Davines Love Hair Smoother mixed together in my palms, then rubbed through hair does make a big difference. Not only is it treating your tresses with extra hydration, but this combo really does smooth everything down without it looking like you've dipped your hair in oil.

4. Straighteners Are Your Friend

The best way, in my opinion, to control the frizz is often just by running some straighteners over the top or using them to curl. I got the new GHD ones for Christmas and they're still no.1 for me. Obviously I'm speaking to those with naturally straighter hair here, but once I've used Olaplex and then my products, my hair curls oh so well and it looks sleek and glossy instead of resembling a Pomeranian.