The Autumn Shopping List


I. Love. Autumn. As much as warm sun and being able to get my legs out does make me happy, there’s absolutely nothing like wrapping up in a massive cardigan or buying new boots as there’s a crisp chill in the air. Also, hot chocolate every day? YES PLEASE. With this change in season obviously comes a change in wardrobe, so in this post I’m going to narrow down the items that will be joining mine in the next few months.

A Dark Grey Coat | I’ve already picked my staple black and camel coats for this season (and praying my light grey one looks nice), but I really fancy a dark grey coat. Something oversized and warm and snuggly. Perhaps with a subtle pattern or texture? I’ve got an image in my head so lets see if it exists, ey.

Suede Boots | I’ve mentioned these before, but the Acne Jensen boots are the top of my buy list. There’s something so perfect about a good chelsea boot that, come Autumn, I want to buy them all. Especially anything suede, you know, the least practical material to have in the UK… Aside from this, I’m feeling like a good snakeskin boot should also join my shoe hoard very soon, but finding ‘the one’ is harder than first thought!

An Oversized Bag | I’m partial to an over-body bag or something small enough to go on my shoulder, but I realised the other day that I don’t actually own a large black bag. I was obsessed with the Gucci Antigona, but feel like may be a bit rigid, so am leaning more towards a Balenciaga City in black suede or something similar. I can’t decide (or have the bank balance for it right now) but I will be doing some investigating over the next few months! The Chloe Drew in grey is still fresh in my mind first though…

More Cardigans | I recently bought this one from Topshop and now I’m a cardigan convert. There’s something so nice about wearing just jeans, a thin jumper, boots and a cardigan on a warmer Autumn day. I previously only had one which was reserved for being a slob in the house, but now I feel like I need more in my collection.

Some Properly Massive Scarves | I love big scarves. Love them. I have a bunch already and use them as throws on my sofa because they’re that big. I would like to branch out this year into some with patterns, I’m thinking stripes or checks, or some colours such as navy, camel and black because I don’t actually own a black scarf. I no rite?!

Fine Necklaces | I keep wearing the same eye necklace day in day out, so I think it’ll be nice to add to this. I love the look of dainty, layered necklaces that are either plain or with charms or mixed metals, so will be on the lookout for anything like that. I only wear gold or sterling silver as they last so much longer (and I often forget to take it off when I shower, ooops) so Etsy, ASOS and independent retailers will be my best shout for some pretty jewels.

A Leather Jacket | Now, stick with me on this one, but I do quite like longer length leather jackets. This one from Mango is at the front of my shopping list right now, I’m just not sure if I’m cool enough to pull it off. Will I look like Neo from The Matrix or that guy who listens to Iron Maiden – who knows? I feel like it’s one to try and debate though. Maybe with some cuffed jeans, suede ankle boots or loafers and a polo neck? What do ya reckon…

What are you after this Autumn? Let me know!

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Helen x