The Flares

jacket: Urban Outfitters | top: Zara (sale) | jeans: Frame Denim | bag: vintage Chanel | boots: Topshop (old) | sunglasses: Celine

I think flares are still a bit of a love or hate trend, but I’m firmly on the adore side of the fence. This post from Lucy popped up in my twitter feed and it reminded me that my flares were just sitting in my wardrobe, waiting to be worn a bit more. My old issue is that I have to wear (big) heels or boots with them, as they’re so bloomin’ long, but that makes them all the more flattering as they’re so leg lengthening.

Anyway, I shoved this outfit on to take some snaps when I was out with my friend Bre the other day and I don’t think you can go wrong with the whole flares, leather jacket and striped anything combo. I mean, when are stripes ever a bad option?

I’ve eventually moved into my new flat – yay! It’s still pretty messy and in that annoying cardboard boxes everywhere state, but we’re getting some furniture from ikea delivered on Wednesday so fingers crossed I can get everything that’s currently in boxes into my cabinets. I just keeping looking at my poor makeup that doesn’t have a home and I desperately want to organise it all! A trip to Muji (well, online) may be in order…

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Helen x
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