The Happy List


Outfit Details > Blazer: Mango | Tee: Topshop | Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Ellen & James (via Chloe)


Hi hello how are you? I've been missing for the last two weeks from this blog as you may or may not have noticed. You know when you sit down to your computer, you have your photos done, but the words just don't exist? That. I've had the worst creative block and nothing seemed to help. I tried reading new blogs, looking at Pinterest for photo inspiration, referring to my list of things of ideas, but every time I came to actually write something, my brain went completely blank. It's hard to write a think-piece when you literally can't think...

So, I'm going back to basics with this post and writing about something easy and something I enjoy - stuff that has made me happy recently. A little joyous life update for you all. YAY.


One: Seeing My Best Friends in London

I miss my friends quite a lot as my two closest gals live at the other end of the country in London. It's great every time we catch up - the classic it's-like-we've-never-been-apart - but I wish it could happen more often. Luckily for me, Virgin are doing student discount on trains (not spon, just a public service announcement) so I can actually afford to visit my pals! Bre just had a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago so I got to see him. He's the sweetest little thing and so quiet aka the perfect baby. It was lovely seeing how much Jina's boy has grown too, as he's started walking and you can't stop him - so cute!

Two: Having A Real Working Kitchen

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have seen some stories on how I've been doing my kitchen over the past few months. Lawd, it's been a lot of work as everything was a mess, so we had to start right back from the bricks, but I have a functioning kitchen now and it's so nice! I've been able to  actually make food in an oven (as I didn't have anything but a microwave and a slow cooker for over two months) which I'm very much enjoying! Also, is it weird to be in love with a washing machine? Because I think I am.


Three: The Kittens

I did post about these two dorks recently, but they do make my happy. I can be having the shittest day and their little faces can cheer me right up! When I came back from London, the typically quiet Matsu did a loud meow that lasted from the top of the stairs to the bottom when I came through the door and it was possibly the cutest thing he's ever done. Even though they're currently going through a 5am wake up time and peak Summer molting right now, it's hard to stay mad at them because a) fluffy b) adorable.

Four: Spring Style

There's nothing like a bit of a wardrobe refresh to make you feel inspired again. When I was in London last week, I had a good wander around the shops (which is something I rarely do because central London ain't always fun) and actually enjoyed seeing what was in. I picked up a few things, too, which I'll put below but a colour palette of white, cream, gold, orange and tan is my jam right now.



Five: A New Office

With the kitchen units out of the spare room, a functioning office is on the horizon. Working from the sofa is comfortable and everything, but it doesn't exactly lead to the most productive of days. The prospect of having a real desk, chair and space that I can work in is very appealing right now, so planning it out is my current obsession! Do you know how many vintage desks I've looked at? I see mid-century table legs every time I close my eyes currently. Anyway, previously I wanted to go for dark navy and brass, but as the sun doesn't really go to the back of the house, this may be too dark so a potential peachy/pink/terracotta office could be on the cards. It'll still have a lot of white in it and be bright enough, but I'm going to paint swatch to my hearts content to make sure I get this right.

Six: Sunshine

It's crazy what a bit of sunshine can do to your mood, isn't it! If you live in the UK (or follow a lot of people who do), you'll know we've had a recent period of very good, sunny, warm weather which I'm very pleased about. A little bit of sun goes a long way, plus it's made me very excited for potential trips (my favourite place too, Italy *heart eyes emoji*) soon too.


So there's the six things that are currently putting a smile on my face! I should have some more posts going up soon, so let's hope this little hiatus isn't something I'll be doing on a regular basis as I enjoy blogging and want to keep up this little hobby of mine.