The ‘I’m Totally Over Winter Now’ Spring Wishlist


Ok. I'm done. Winter can now go away and it needs to be Spring asap. As soon as a little bit of sunshine comes out - like today - I get so excited and immediately start planning my Spring wardrobe. I've also been spending a lot more time saving outfits I love on my Instagram and adding things to 'my style' board on Pinterest - it makes shopping so much easier!

Yellow, red, peach, pink and nude with tan accessories is totally my vibe for this Spring. I've already picked up the blazer and those light wash jeans (which I adore, my all time favourite cut of denim on the high st). I'm totally planning on buying those tan woven sliders asap, as they're about £300 cheaper than the Stagni ones that I've been coveting for such a long time. I think I'm also going to get the 'honey' tshirt and the net tote bag because they're absolute bargain! And maaaaybe that peachy/rose toned top as well as those amazing gingham heels (if I can't find them cheaper elsewhere).



As for inspiration, I thought I'd share a few images which I'm kinda obsessed with and wanna steal their style! This post is short and sweet, I know, but I need go to buy lots of things soooo... What do you want to wear this Spring?