The July Wishlist


I feel like I haven’t done a good bit of window shopping in a while so thought it was about time I had a trawl through all of the new-in and sale sections to see what I could find. I was mostly shopping for holiday clothes and then I remembered that I was broke due to said holiday sooo I’m just passing on my bargains to you guys so you can look super awesome all Summer long.

Stand out pieces to me are definitely those Chanel dupes! I adore the original Chanel slingbacks and I might end up getting them at some point, but at (I think) £600+, they’re a bit out of my reach at the moment. Those ones featured above (find the link in the feature below) are totally worth picking up though, as they’ll save you about £550 which, to me, sounds like a no-brainer. I wish I could find a good dupe for the bag though, as I can’t get it out of my head! I really wanted the beige/traditional monogram one, but the more I see the ultra-luxe black version, I kinda want it more. Word on the street is that it’s a very sturdy and practical bag so it sounds like a sound investment, I just need to get savin’ for it!

Clothes-wise, I love the cami tops as a) they’re in the sale and b) they’ll last you a lifetime as they’ll never go out of style. I also adore the grey tortoiseshell sunglasses as they remind me of the Stella McCartney ones without the price tag! Oh and the jeans will see you though Summer all the way to A/W and beyond – such a perfect cut and fit!

What are you after this month?

Helen x
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