The Rosie for Autograph Makeup Range


I feel a bit late to the party getting my views out about the Rosie for Autograph makeup collection, but I really wanted to test each product for a while before getting my thoughts down on paper (as it were).

So, once you get past the utterly beautiful rose gold packaging, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has actually come up with a pretty darn good bunch of makeup. There’s quite a few products in the range, from eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks to mascaras, but they all function well and actually live up to the hype! I’m always skeptical about celebrity-brand collabs, but this one totally works.

Starting with eyes, the Rosie for Autograph Eyeshadow Palette contains four shadows, three shimmer and one matte and the formula is really nice. I got the set I Feel Like A Million Dollars which is very wearable and buildable for a day or nighttime look. They’re very soft shadows, but the colour payoff is really great! There’s also some fabulous Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Sticks which blend like a dream but then stay put all day. The shade above is Almond Eyes but there’s three other shades to pick from which I now totally want.

Next is Rosie for Autograph Liquid Liner which I was really pleased to see, as a lot of brands forget about eyeliner I think. It’s got fine pen style nib and is very black, which is must-have for me. It dries super quick too so perfect for slicking on and running out the door. There’s also gel liners in this collection which I’m gonna have to test out! The Rosie for Autograph Insta Lash Mascara is one to pick up if you like separated and lifted lashes. I actually really like this for day time, as it opens my eyes up a lot which I need, thanks hooded eyes.

There’s four blushes in the range and the Rosie for Autograph Cream Blush I have is the shade Nature’s Blush which is a bright pink/coral shade (I would call it ‘watermelon’). The cream formula blends well and feels nice on the skin too! Finally, we have a the Rosie for Autograph Lipstick in shade Camisole Blush which is a nude-pink kinda hue – so pretty! There’s a huge 12 shades to pick from in this collection so I’m dying to try more, as they apply nicely, last for quite a while before needing a top up and the colour pay off is great too. Silk Rose and Rose Lace both look beautiful, they’re definitely going on my wishlist.


So that’s it, everything in the collection (out of what I’ve tried) is really lovely! Definitely go check it out next time you’re in M&S, you won’t be disappointed.

Helen x
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