The September Wishlist

wishlist-septemberLeft to right: Pink pleated skirt | pink bucket bag | black silk top | stripe dress | grey roll neck | pink blazer | black strappy heels | red loafers | embroidered jeans | fluro pink coat | pink slogan tee | patent pointed shoes | grey and yellow beanie

It’s a weird old time right now, isn’t it? The weather feels a bit like Autumn but the weather seems to be saying otherwise as we’re still having those humid days. I do really love A/W though, as I wrote in this post, but I’m still keeping the idea of layering in mind incase we have some sort of freak heatwav (one can dream). So, as I was trawling the online shopping world, I’ve realised one thing: I haven’t quite given up on the light pink tones yet. I’ve been a bit obsessed all year to be honest (as you can see in my wishlist section) and I really want to incorporate them into my wardrobe throughout A/W.

I saw that light pink blazer in Topshop the other day and I really adore it, it’s the perfect mix of delicate colour, light structure and the best length so it’s super flattering. I desperately need to buy it soon! My black Gucci loafers are one of my favourite shoes in my collection, but the red ones have been slowly creeping into the forefront of my want-list and I think as soon as I have a bit of cash, they’re definitely coming home with me! Speaking of shoes, I also really like those patent-snakey black ones – paired with an oversized black coat and super tight jeans and you’ve got a winning A/W outfit I think. What are you after this month?

Helen x