The September Wishlist


I wish I had a pound for the amount of times I've read the phrase 'I can't believe it's September' already and it's only the 3rd. I mean, I don't disagree, this year has completely flown over. Just as soon as I was into summer dress buying, everyone (including the shops) decided it was Autumn so no Helen, you can't pick up any more floaty, pretty things and you must buy a coat immediately.

So, it got me thinking about what pieces I would like in my wardrobe for the start of the Autumn pieces and what could I buy now, but get to wear right through to next Spring. I'm quite into layering right now and definitely want to max out the shirt-under-jumper and leather-jacket-under-coat thang that comes around every year, as I think it's such a classic style.

I'll still try to wear some of my dresses throughout Autumn, but will probably add some typically A/W florals to the mix later on in the year. I mean, I love a good occasion dress as much as the next person so I wanna incorporate a nice smart/casual mix into my wardrobe too.

So, above are all of my picks for snazzy transitional pieces. I'm dying for some slingback (kinda) heels that aren't too high and some vintage wash jeans too. You don't even know the amount I've bought and sent back, as they must be perfect. Anyone else get this fussy about denim? Just me? Ok.

Anyway, here's the above items plus a few extra lil bits that I'm obsessed with too: