The Simple Denim Shirt

shirt: Topshop | jeans: J Brand (alternative) | shoes: Valentino (ballet flatsheel version) | bag: Gucci | sunglasses: Celine | watch: Michael Kors

Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to show you these shoes in an outfit? Since June. June. I can’t believe it’s been actual months since I bought them and I’ve never showed them off! I spent a long time hunting down these shoes after being determined to own them in this beautiful pinky nude shade, so I’m glad they’re now mine and I need to wear them in a bit more (I’m scared I’ll ruin them with them being so light!). So, this outfit is hardly a stroke of sartorial genius, but I am quite partial to a good denim shirt. It’s nice when you find one that’s the right shade and fit – am I the only person who’s unbelievably fussy with denim?

Anyway, I’ve been back at stressful work all this week after an equally stressful week off, as I’ve had no internet until last night in my new flat and had to move so many car loads of things over. I’m so behind on emails (sorry) and general blog things so I’m keen to catch up now that I’ve actually got some sweet, sweet broadband that isn’t on my phone! Or I may just sleep. Sleep sounds really good right about now…

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Helen x
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