The Ultra Hydrating Duo for Dry Skin


Ultra Hydrating Skincare: You know when you try new skincare and you know instantly that you’re going to love them? That’s how I felt about these two amazing products above. With my skin being so insanely dry (I’m talking dry patches and peeling if I don’t hydrate properly!) I know within 3hrs if a product is going to work for me or not. My skin literally drinks up all moisture, so if it’s disappeared and my skin feels bone dry again pretty quickly then I know it’s not hydrating enough! I’ve had to seriously step up my game since going on Roaccutane and I wear no less than five moisturising layers (toner, serum, oil, intense moisturiser, balm) to keep my skin in check.

Anyway, these two bits of hydrating skincare have been seriously saving my skin over the past week or so and I’ve really been enjoying using them. Starting with the Odacite Moringa and Petitgrain Serum Concentrate for Very Dry Skin, I apply three drops of this to my moisturiser during the day and three drops as their own layer on a night to help keep my skin hydrated. You seriously don’t need a lot of this stuff and a little goes a long way, despite its heavier oil-like consistency. It sinks in beautifully and has a really natural (slightly earthy) scent which I don’t mind. Moringa oil helps to strengthen and support cells while petitgrain oil is used to retain the maximum amount of water in your skin. It’s basically like a big drink for your complexion which is much needed with my Sahara like-skin right now!

Alongside this, I’ve been using MV Organic Skincare Rose Soothing and Protecting Moisturiser. Not only does it smell amazing (seriously, it’s pure heaven) but it really helps to counteract the irritation that goes with Roaccutane and having dry skin in general. I never realised how annoyed and aggravated my skin would get being dry, but it’s so itchy and sometimes I literally want to scratch my face off but this beauty of a moisturiser puts a stop to that straight away. It’s a dream to apply and, together with the above, keeps my skin in order all day!

What do you use to keep any dry skin at bay? Which hydrating skincare do you like?

Helen x
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