Things Bloggers Always Hear

things bloggers always hear

You know those phrases that you end up hearing a lot when you’re a blogger? The digs about taking photos of food or owning too many lipsticks? Well, in today’s post I’m gonna put them all on the table from the point of view of my boyfriend – I bet there’s some you’re all familiar with…

“Helen, c’mon, you’re going to be late for work”
– It’s ok, you go on ahead, I’ve got a #fwis picture to take for Instagram and this bit of pavement is perfect

“Do you want to go out somewhere this morning?”
– I can’t have a life, it’s light on a morning now and I have to take pictures of makeup for strangers on the internet

“For once, can you not take photos of my food?”
– You put a fork near that burger, so help me god…

“I’ve roughly counted and you’ve already got about 15 red lipsticks, do you need this one?”
– Yes. Yes I do. Would you like me to swatch them all so you can see the difference??

“Why is there an entire drawer devoted to marble plates and random bowls in our bedroom?”
– Backgrounds and props, duh

“We can’t paint the walls white, Helen, it’s a rented flat”
– But but but blog photos. Are you sure we can’t? They might not notice…

“Can you not just look at the camera for once?”
– No, I have to ignore you just enough so I look vaguely nonchalant and super cool, obviously

“You don’t need your camera”
– But what if we end up somewhere cool and I want to take photos. Think of the content. 

“So why did you buy that again? You’ve only got one face etc”
– Because xx bloggers reviewed it and I really like it and who cares that it’s £70 for a cleanser. I NEEDED IT.

“You’ve taken approximately 500 shots of this outfit now, surely there’s some you can use?”
– But what if the next shot is the shot. Just take a few more… *three hours later*

“You know, if you kept on top of your emails every day you wouldn’t be having this meltdown right now”

“Are you ever going to re-write all of those bio sections you’ve been meaning to edit for months now?”
– Can’t. Too busy tweeting about cake.

“Tell me again why we can’t eat here?”
– It doesn’t fit in with my instagram theme, sorry.

“Do you know her?”
– Yeah of course. Well, I know her blog. But I know her more off twitter. So basically she’s a stranger but we’re totally friends.

What do you always hear as a blogger? Let me know in the comments

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Helen x
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