Things That Make Me Happy #14


It's been a while since my last 'things that made me happy' post, so I thought I would sit down (for the 2nd time, thanks laptop for freezing and deleting my original post) and think about the things that put a smile on my face.

G E T T I N G   S O M E W H E R E | The flat has been a bit of a chore, but I feel like we're finally getting somewhere. We got the floors done in the bedroom and the office and it's made such a difference. We're getting the sittingroom, spare bedroom and the top of the stairs done on the 11th which means I can have an actual livingroom and get to sit on a sofa! I literally cannot wait. I've got two weeks to finish painting and I am determined to finish it all so I can fast forward to the pretty cushion-buying stage.

S P R I N G   I N S P O | I don't know what it is about the stores right now, but I want to buy everything. I was so uninspired last S/S and all through Winter, then I had a massive clear out (thanks Marie Kondo) but recently I've added a few beautiful Spring pieces to my wardrobe and I'm so happy about it. I'm obsessed with the combo of pink and red right now, plus embroidery, light denim and off the shoulder tops and dresses are high on my priorities too! Expect lots of outfit posts soon.

I N S T A | Now, I know I should hate the platform as the algorithm sucks, bots are ruining everything and it literally does everything in its power to stop people from growing organically - however, I still love it. I've stopped focusing so much on the number and have went back to just posting photos for the pure enjoyment of doing so, you know, how Instagram was intended. I'm including more outfit and style content too and I'm much happier with my feed!

W O R K | This blog makes up about 70% of my actual working life and I'm pleased with where it's going. I've worked with some great brands this year on some awesome campaigns, so I hope that continues for the rest of the year! I've got a couple of cool trips coming up soon too, so I'm looking forward to them. I'm happy with my freelance work too and I wanna help pipdig out more, as he's always super busy! I'm writing this post at 22:20 and he's still at the office - dedication, guys.

V I D E O | Whenever I'm doing some painting or housework, I always put something on Netflix or YouTube in the background. I really enjoyed 13 Reasons Why - the last episode almost had me in tears - and I'm watching all of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and it's making me have some serious nostalgia! I've been catching up with a lot of YouTubers recently too - I love Eva in the City, Megan Ellaby, I Covet Thee (loved the wardrobe clearout) and Tamara Kalinic at the moment!

What's made you happy this week?

Helen x