Things That Make Me Happy #9


Happy bank holiday! Working from home (and 7 days a week) means I don’t actually enjoy the typical 9-5 excitement that an extra day off work brings, mostly because I had to be reminded about 20x that it was actually happening. The only thing I feel towards it is slightly annoyance that i can’t go to the post office tomorrow, how ridiculous! Anyway, I haven’t done a ‘things that made me happy’ post since March, so thought it was about time I sat down and typed one out.


One: Food | Food always makes me happy, but since I’ve decided to shift a few lbs, it’s been nice to have a fresher perspective on what I eat. Obviously I still have treats and crave pizza (and doughnuts and cake and Chinese curry sauce and omg brb ordering a curry) pretty much every day, but knowing that I can refuse to have these and not have some sort of breakdown (like I thought I would) is quite a nice way to approach things. I thoroughly enjoyed my scrambled eggs and salmon (above) and even if I’ve just maintained my weight and not lost any this week, I’ll still be fine with it! Also can I just say homemade mint lemonade is quite possibly the love of my life.

Two: Fresh Ideas | As mentioned in this post, I was stuck in a bit of a blogging rut at the start of the month. I think it was down to a mix of extreme holiday blues and just mentally not feeling like I was in the right place with blogging. But, I’ve gave myself the kick up the ass I need and I’m happy to be back in the game a little. I’m trying to get away from having everything so stark white and clinical and changing it for a more lifestyle, ‘authentic’ feel, but the theme-addicted person inside of me is screaming. It’s going to be a bit of a process, but hopefully I’ll work towards content that I really love.


Three: Travel | I know you may think going to London to eat some Burger and Lobster with my friend isn’t ‘travel’, but as I’m almost 3hrs on a train away, it is to me! As I touched on above, travelling to Iceland made me really enjoy my content and the whole experience of going abroad (which I hadn’t done in a few years) just made me feel happy. I know people say the whole ‘travel is the only thing that makes you richer’ etc thing, but it’s literally consumed my brain since I got back. I’d love to get into travel blogging in a big way, so we’ll have to see what this year can bring!

Four: Reading | Is it bad to say that I barely read anymore? I spend so long wrapped up in my digital life that books really do take a backseat. I can barely tear myself away from a screen long enough to flip through a few pages and that makes me kinda sad. I used to literally devour books when I was younger so it was nice that, when my phone was dying on the train home from London the other week, I actually read a book practically cover to cover. It left me feeling a bit more inspired and motivated too, so that was a bonus! I’m vowing to take some time out, even if it’s for an hour or two every few days, to open a book and chill out.

Five: Spring Outfits | Yay, it’s pretty much time to continuously crack out the lighter layers (she says, staring at the grim looking weather outside) and embrace this thing called Spring. I feel like I’ve stocked up on a fair few new tops and pretty things to wear, so I just need the North to catch up with some sunshine. I really want to shoot more outfits so as soon as it’s not gloomy, I’m heading out with my camera!

What’s made you happy this week? ps. Have you entered my instagram beauty giveaway?


Helen x
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