Things That Make Me Happy #6

Number One: Moving House | Yup, despite recently showing you all my current flat in a recent blog post, I am indeed relocating to somewhere new this week. I’m giving up city centre living to move nearer to work which is down the Quayside. If you know Newcastle at all, it’s hardly very far from town (perhaps a 15-20 minute walk) so I’ll still be pretty central. I’m very excited to move, as the new flat is much more modern than this one which needs repairs left, right and centre, so it’ll be nice to have somewhere that feels so much cleaner and nicer. Plus we have two juliet balconies which will be lovely when the weather is warm!

Number Two: Decorating | With moving comes decorating! I didn’t bother getting anything for my current place as we were only here six months, but we’re in the next place for a year so I’m going to buy all of the things. I’ve already been stalking H&M home, Etsy and lots of independant interiors shops for candles, cushions, trinkets and art prints. There’s already some (gross) art on the walls, so we’re just going to take that down and use the nails to hang our own stuff. I am interiors obsessed, so this makes me incredibly ecstatic!

Number Three: New Blog Design | This has been such a long time coming! I previously designed a new blog back in May for my boyfriend to do, but he’s been so busy helping everyone else with theirs that it’s taken this long to get mine done. Since then I changed my design and fingers crossed it’ll look nice once it’s all complete. It should be live by Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled.

Number Four: Feeling Inspired | I’ve been feeling down about my blog for quite a while now. It’s been a chore and something that had to be done rather than something I looked forward to doing. I know I adore blogging deep down, so I’ve kept at it and with everything going on (such as the above) I’m feeling inspired once more! I’m going to have to change my photo style, as the bright white backgrounds don’t look right in my new design, but I’ve been wanting a change for a while so it’s pushed me to do it! I’m going to get back to baking and post more lifestyle and interiors posts too, as well as my outfits and beauty!

Number Five: Ticking Things Off My List | I pretty much run my life by lists. Isn’t it so nice when you get to tick things off and feel all organised? I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, whether it’s going for food in a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while (see above my green club sandwich, sweet potato fries and passionfruit lemonade at Garden Kitchen in Newcastle) or sorting what furniture I need for the new place, it’s so nice to say done done done to everything you’d set out to do.

What’s made you happy this week?

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