Thinking about Christmas Gifts Already…


This year has flown by. I can hardly believe it is already time to start planning for Christmas, but it is. As a result, I am already busy pulling together ideas for Christmas gifts, especially presents for the men in my life. Bearing in mind how tricky that can be I decided to share some of my ideas with you all.

Socks | Now don’t laugh when I suggest socks. After all what Christmas gift list would be complete without them? They actually make a great gift. Sock shopping is boring. No man that I know wants to be bothered with buying socks, or underwear, which is one reason they make such a welcome gift.

Sports clothing | Sports clothing is also a great option as a lot of men love sport. Even if they do not actually take part, the chances are they are fans, so this idea works for most men.  Tracksuit tops make especially good gifts. It does not matter what type of man you are buying for, this gift will prove useful. They can be worn by a golfer under their jacket for warmth, or by a footballer for training. Men who do not actually take part in sports will be able to wear them to stay warm while watching their favourite team, or while walking the dog.

Tech  | Most men love technology, so any gadget is bound to be welcome, and there is plenty of choice. Wearables are very popular, right now, as are drones and the retro games console, the Nintendo 3DS.

Personalised gifts | Personalised gifts are always well received. They are ideal if you are on a tight budget because they are usually small. Digital printing means that all sorts of items can now be personalised, so there is plenty of choice. The lead-time on most personalised gifts is a week or more, so you need to order the well in advance.

Music gifts | The majority of men enjoy their music. They like listening to it, and enjoy playing instruments. You can do something simple like buy them a music voucher or an album, so do not have to spend a fortune. If you have more to spend noise cancelling headphones, a vinyl record player or something similar is bound to be enjoyed. For those who used to play an instrument, the gift of a few lessons or an online course is a great way to get them playing again.

Experience gifts | If you know your man has always wanted to go racing, hot air ballooning or jump from a plane, buying them the chance to do just that is a great idea. There are literally hundreds of different experience days available.

How to grab yourself a bargain | You can get some great deals if you shop on Black Friday, so now is definitely the time to get your list together. If you do it this weekend, you will be ready and able to place your order and bag yourself some bargains.

Helen x

*collab post, image: pinterest