A Few Thoughts on Winter Weddings…


A few musings on Winter weddings...


No, I'm not getting married yet, but in today's post I am going to chat about Winter Weddings. I've honestly never really thought about what wedding I would have before, simply because I don't intend to have a traditional wedding (social anxiety, hey), but I've teamed up with Enzoani to talk through the type of wedding I would love to have if I was going for the whole 'big day' thing.

To start with, please go take a look at their site. I may not be a traditional kinda gal, but I do obsessively admire wedding dresses as I think they're beautiful! The quality of the ones by Enzoani is insane, they're so beautiful. I mean, I've just lost half an hour browsing each dress myself.

Ok, if I had to pick my ideal wedding... what would I have? In a dream world, it would be in Italy and I'd eat pizza and it would be wonderful. But, I'm also drawn to the idea of a Winter wedding.

There's just something so dreamy about a white dress, red lips, snow (or slush, I mean, I do live in the UK), lots of log-cabin-style wood, leaves... it sounds very Disney princess, but I think it would be pretty dreamy!

Of course, there's a few things to consider if you were going to have a Winter weddings, or a wedding somewhere that's a bit on the chill side...

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1: It's properly cold

Yes, of course, it's freezing. If you would even like a hint of snow, you're going to have to accept the temperature that comes with it. So, picking a wedding dress with sleeves - let's say lace because they're stunning - might have to be a must. Unless you want to get some sort of beautiful shawl or fluffy wraparound, you will have to be sensible because pneumonia on a honeymoon ain't cute.

2. Candles and a roaring fire is a nice idea but...

Alcohol and opens flames doesn't always mix well, let's be honest. I'm quite enamoured by the concept of having a cute open fire in some sort of venue and everyone could have mulled wine and it would be sweet, buuut I do worry about those family members like that a tipple and are wearing heels when they don't usually...

3. Have your dry cleaners on stand by

Similarly to point number one, snow = slush = the bottom of your dress getting wrecked. Make sure whoever is supplying you with your dress puts a little strap or hook on the inside so you can lift it up, otherwise you may have to whip it straight to the dry cleaners before the water marks decide to stick around.

4. Do have fun with it though

Of course there's the risk of grandma slipping on some ice, but winter weddings are beautiful and magical and should definitely be enjoyed. If you can look past the above, it's such a special time of the year to get married and it would be amazing to plan a Winter themed wedding! I'm very jealous of those who get to do one this year.

Now, I'm off to ask Phil why he hasn't proposed yet...

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